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Who Is Mahon Wise?

Who Is Mahon Wise?

My name is Mahon Wise and I am a Senior UI/UX Frontend Developer with over 15 years of industry experience. As a results-driven, Agile-focused UI/UX expert, I have achieved great success in internet innovation, including five years as the Chief Technical Officer of DigiMogul Media Network.

I have an extensive career as a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Marketing Coordinator, and Technology Executive in a wide range of industries such as Major Record Labels, Digital Products, Original Television Content, numerous e-Commerce destinations, ATS, and Health Care.

Now, with a track record of achievement and an unmatched reputation for professionalism, business acumen, and management excellence, I realize the promise of my personal branding potential.

I choose to live by the quote “Be a Gladiator amongst Procrastinators”. This reflects my ability to be self-motivated and enter each day with a sense of purpose and an expectation of positive outcomes.

What Is My Expertise?
  • UI/UX

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effect / Premiere
  • Adobe XD
  • Wordpress
  • Laravel
  • Shopify
  • Frontend Developer

  • Html
  • CSS
  • Java Script
  • jQuery
  • Reactjs
  • PHP
  • Entrepreneurship

  • ImNice.com
  • Courtside.gg
  • Surph.club
  • KulturePlay.com
  • More Coming Soon...

Mahon is one of the nicest guys I worked with. He's always careful with details and has some good ideas on how to best achieve results.Alexandru Bucur


Mahon is a focused, hard worker and one of the most talented website developers I’ve worked with. In addition to developing exceptional sites, he is a master of HTML and CMS platforms and is constantly innovating and maximizing click-through utilizing the latest plugins. Most importantly, he has never failed to come through for us and his willingness to go the extra mile speaks volumes of his integrity and teamwork. I give Mahon my highest recommendation to anyone looking for the ultimate website development partner.Ron Whitaker


I've had the opportunity to work with Mahon on various types of projects including, web design, development, print design, and video production. Working with Mahon for the past several years ensured that every project would be thoroughly executed and consistently completed on time.

"Hard working" does not even come close to describing Mahon's work ethic. He is a dedicated, creative, and reliable individual. I would highly recommend Mahon, as he would be an asset to any creative project or team.Chris Kontakis


Mahon is phenomenal, I can not count on one hand how many times he has been a savior to my agency. Mahon has always risen above and beyond my demands and brought me more satisfaction then I could have believed possible. I have not background in the field of web design nor engineering, and yet time and time again not only has he delivered, but he has improved my original ideas and made my dreams affordable. Also, I trust him much more than I could providers that offer similar services overseas. Review his profile and see for yourself all that his team is able to accomplish for you.Angela Huyghue


Mahon is passionate about truly finding the right solution to any problem presented to him. I have worked with Mo on several projects, none of which were the exactly the same, but all had the same outcome - success. He is always patient, clear, and concise when resolving client requests, as well as internal enhancements and fixes. He is always positive in whatever he does and a great resource to rely on. I would recommend Mo for anything his skill set aligns with; but I won't attempt to name that because my words can't do it justice.Brandon Will

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